The Breed

The Plummer Terrier creator, Mr David Brian Plummer was born and grew up in the mining valleys of Wales in the UK.

Since his childhood he had kept what he termed "rip-roaring" valley bred terriers, which although were superbly hardy, were not the ideal terriers he wanted to continue keeping.

After searching for a suitable working strain of Jack Russell terrier he settled on a bitch bred by John Cobby out of his dog Pickaxe. This was to be the start of the Plummer Terrier, although they wouldn't actually be classed as Plummer Terriers for at least another 20 years.

Over the years Brian added Bull Terrier, from a descendant of a dog known as the Hacket White. This was done to maintain his strains courage and resistance to pain and shock.

As Plummer did a lot of hunting, ratting and earth work with his dogs, one of the qualities he most prized in his dogs was their sense of smell. To improve this trait he added Beagle into his terrier mix via an american show bred Beagle.

Further terrier blood was added to his strain through Nigel Hinchcliffes Fell Terrier strain.

In 1985 Brian Plummer suffered a near fatal heart attack and his pack of terriers were given to friends. After he had recovered he set about regrouping his pack. This marked the beginning of the breed we know today. As a lot of Brian's old dogs were brought back new blood was sort out to extend the very limited genepool.

Fell Terrier was again introduced via Brian Nuttall's strain as well as more Jack Russell Terrier blood and Working Fox Terrier (which today, is known as the Parson Jack Russell Terrier).

This gave the fledgling breed vital breathing space within the genepool. The Stalmine kennel of Curtis Price was the place where the majority of today's lines were set in stone. All Plummer Terriers can trace a line back to his dogs as well as those of Brian Plummer.

Brimar Plummer Terrier stud dogs - Coenwulf (left) & Scott (Samson - right) Hermitage Scrummy centre

For the past 20 years, the Plummer Terrier has been established as a breed in its own right and bred true to type. It is inevitable with a breed this young and a heritage so rich and varied, that there are also variations within the breed. By selectively breeding against the breed standard that was put in place by Brian Plummer, Pitman and Brimar kennels continually strive to improve with each generation and maintain the working qualities that the breed is now famed for.

The Plummer Terrier has a bright future ahead.




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